Consider owning a motorcycle? Interested in purchasing one for your trips or everyday use? You might not be familiar with the intriguing nuances or even the core basics, yet. To avoid fast depreciation, mechanical issues or flat out theft, you have to know certain things. We have compiled and narrowed it down to four vital tips that every future bike owner should be aware of. Here are they:


If you live in Northwest Territories of Canada, Scandinavia or a location where you receive lots of snowfall every year, owning a bike will be an extreme luxury. It is a vehicle for warm or at least mild climate conditions. Locations with lots of rain also bode a ton of challenges for bike owners. Dry and hotter areas are much better suited for this.


Bikes are very fragile in general. No matter how tough the chopper or motocross racer looks, these beasts are incredibly delicate. From both the engineering side of things and the integrity of the carcass, scratches, dents, bumps and all sorts of other issues are much more damaging than when compared against cars.

Especially when you consider a sports bike which has an engine that revs approx, twenty thousand times per minute, proper maintenance is crucial. Bike engines usually have a much shorter lifespan and require a whole lot more maintenance. Take that into account.


With well over 100 thousand motorcycles being stolen in Europe alone, every year, safety and theft prevention are aspects that every potential owner must consider. You cannot imagine how simple it can be to steal a motorcycle. You have to be very cautious when owning one.

Prevention is key. Have you ever even heard about a thing like a motorbike GPS tracker device? It is devices like this that protect your property from the hands of criminals. Also, if someone takes it away, in a matter of seconds or minutes, the tracker will pinpoint the exact location of your bike on the map. From there, law enforcement can take care of things and bring them back. Otherwise, you could run into a dead-end, since only 40 to 47 % of stolen motorcycles are returned to the owners.

There is also safety while driving. We know how powerful sports bikes are, how amazing it can feel to glide past slow traffic, but please drive safely. Bikers should be very cautious to not cause harm to others or themselves.


Embrace it. Join clubs and go to meetings. Fellow bike owners will likely share their experiences, give great tips and will include you to their circle. These will be good times, well spent.

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