Your transmission is a little bit like the heart and soul of your vehicle. If you don’t maintain and make little repairs on your vehicle’s transmission – including providing transmission fluid – you could wind up having a dud of a car. When it comes down to it, transmission repair is up there with the most expensive auto repairs, so you want to do your best to prevent these issues from becoming a major problem. All that money you’ve been saving up could evaporate in an instant if you need to repair your transmission. What is your transmission? The transmission is the part of your motor that is responsible for automatically or manually switching gears. Without a transmission, your vehicle would be inoperable. Here is how you can avoid costly transmission repair.

Transmission RepairFirst and foremost, you need to make sure that you always have enough transmission fluid. Transmission fluid is a specialized fluid that is used to keep your transmission’s gears at a constant temperature. Basically, when you are driving, your transmission is always chugging along and metal is rubbing against metal at a very high rate of speed. So, you want to make sure there is plenty of lubrication – otherwise your transmission could overheat and breakdown.

Also, you want to make sure that you always change gears with your transmission in mind. Even in an automatic vehicle, you want to make sure that you shift correctly and in a way that won’t put undo stress on your transmission’s gears. In a manual vehicle, you want to make sure that you let up on pressure when you have your hand or foot on the clutch. By placing too much pressure on the clutch, you could wind up causing the transmission to work harder than it has to. In this instance, you may not see damage happen right away, but if you maintain a habit of riding the clutch, eventually you will cause major damage resulting in costly repairs. Next, you want to make sure that you have your vehicle serviced and your transmission tuned up. When it comes down to it, you want to find a trustworthy and knowledgeable car repair service that you can take your vehicle to. Moreover, you want to find a service that specializes in transmission maintenance. For instance, A Plus Transmission Specialist has great mechanics that know exactly how to maintain and operate a healthy transmission. It would probably be smart to see a transmission specialist a couple of times per year.

Lastly, you want to always be aware of how your transmission is operating. If you smell smoke or if you smell something burning when you are driving, or when you come to a stop, you may have a transmission problem. You want to pull over to a garage right away if you want to avoid any bigger problems. Also, if you notice that your car is lunging, or if your vehicle is making a strange sound, you may have a transmission problem. In most cases, though, the problem can be fixed if you catch it sooner rather than later. The last thing you want to do is keep driving it around.

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