You are probably used to seeing vinyl wraps on cars with an advertising platform, such as the famous Red bull truck – sometimes, a four-door – that makes the rounds in several major metropolitan cities. After all, the wraps are durable, long-lasting forms of mobile advertising, and they don’t damage the car if applied correctly. The machined substance is chemically treated to be non-abrasive to the car and adheres to the paint without damaging it, for ease of later removal.

Celebrities and their Vehicles
Beyond advertising, however, vinyl wraps are used by several celebrities to customize their already impressive vehicles. Because of the intricate and crisp detail that’s possible with the process, almost any design that you imagine can be rendered by an expert designer. Hollywood stars don’t often use vinyl wraps for commercial purposes, and this is just a handful of the ones that felt their expensive rides weren’t already awesome enough:

  1. Entertainer Tramar Dillard, who is better known by his rapper stage name of Flo Rida, is one celebrity who has gone all out with the application of a custom vinyl wrap. With a net worth of over $30 million, Mr. Dillard can well afford his $1.7 million Bugatti Veyron. Although he purchased the chrome and white version from the maker of the world’s most expensive supercar, Flo Rida decided to make even more of a statement by having a gold vinyl wrap to replace the white parts of the Bugatti. He further decided to go the extra mile with real gold-plated rims on the wheels – ensuring that his Bugatti stands out from all the other Bugattis on the road.
  2. Canadian – and now global – superstar Justin Bieber has also gotten the vinyl wrap fever. Although the musical near-icon has a virtual boatload of cars, this hasn’t stopped him from applying chrome and matter wraps to many of them. There’s a gorgeous chromed-out Cadillac in matte black, detailed down to the Batman insignia on the front grille. The other cars in his private collection range from Lamborghinis to a chrome Fiskar Karma coupe.
  3. Other celebrities with custom vinyl wraps include members of the Miami Dolphins football team, and NBA superstars Dwayne Wade and Lebron James. It looks like having a custom vinyl wrap is the new status symbol, taking over for the novelty of huge rims on cars.

Celebrities and their Vehicles -

Taking Care of Vinyl Wraps

Obviously, celebrities don’t want the vinyl wraps to mess up the factory paint job of their expensive vehicles, or to start to peel at inopportune times. Periodically polishing the work is a multi-step process, which begins with application to a very small space to ensure that the chemicals you’re using aren’t damaging the exterior. Of course, if you’re a celebrity with the kind of money that comes with the title, you’d be better off having a professional apply and look after your vinyl wrap. Consider these steps:

  • secure a sample of the vinyl material from the company, so as to be able to test it later if you want to make amendments to the car
  • opt for vinyl over paint; the latter takes much more time – especially if you want a custom paint job full of designs and different colors

Now that the vinyl wrap is on, it’s time to take to the road and express yourself.


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