Small vans, or car derived vans, are a hugely popular choice when it comes to buying a new commercial van.

Small vans usually give you better fuel economy and are usually placed in a lower priced insurance group, making them a smart choice if you don’t need the load capacity of a larger van. So, if you’ve decided to go down the small van route, which is the best small van for you?

There are many options to choose from and your own personal preference will play a part, but the vans below are very popular and will probably be part of your search when buying a new small van.

Ford Transit Connect

Ford Transit has become a bit of a van institution, so well-known is the range. The Transit Connect is the small brother to the bigger and more traditional Transit van.

Depending on what additional energy efficiency options you choose Diesel models will get you anywhere from 57 to 70 mpg. Beginning with a payload capacity of 630kg, different options in the range can see this small van carrying over 1,000kg. The Transit Connect also boasts Emergency Break Assist and optional Active City Stop, making it an incredibly safe van. And with parking sensors and rear-view cameras, parking and manoeuvring is made safer and simpler. The Transit Connect is definitely in the mix for best small van to buy.

Volkswagen Caddy

Volkswagen’s small van model has been on the roads since 1978 and is now in its fourth version. It is top of the list for many when it comes to buying a small van. Its fuel economy and capacity is good for a small van – with around 70 mpg and a maximum payload of 857kg.

Front Assist technology helps maintain safe distances from other vehicles and objects, which can also help keep your van insurance down. Coupled with Volkswagen’s normal high build quality and finish, this is surely a challenger for best small van to buy.

Renault Kangoo

Always one of the top sellers in the small van market the Kangoo comes in standard and long-wheelbase formats. The Kangoo can fit plenty of cargo with its 3 cubic metres of load space and the long-wheelbase variant pushes this up to 4 cubic metres. Payload varies from 650kg to 800kg depending on the wheelbase option you choose.

Citroen Berlingo

The Berlingo is a versatile small van with a wide range of payload options that gives good performance and low CO2 emissions at 118g/km. As it’s in a low insurance group van, it’s also good for those looking to keep overall running costs down. The Berlingo is competitive in all the things that matter most to businesses: payload, space and performance.

Fiat Fiorino

If you need to squeeze into the smallest parking spaces for loading and unloading then you could do worse than considering the Fiat Fiorino. The diesel version gives you around 65 mpg so if you’re covering a lot of miles around tight city streets, it could be the best small van choice for you.

Although it’s very small, at just 3.8m long, the Fiorino is quite big inside with up to 2.8 cubic metres of space and has a payload of 660kg, far in excess of other similar car-derived vans.

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