At this point, anyone would do anything to cut the high cost of fuel. This is why we created this article to alleviate the strong impact of increased fuel prices on your budget. Here, we have nine helpful ways you can save on fuel, starting today.

1. Decrease your speed

One of the simplest ways to save money on fuel is to slow down unless you are driving a car with no fuel needed. You’ll be surprised at how much fuel you can preserve when you decrease the running speed of your vehicle.

2. Check your tyre pressure

The most common reason for increased fuel consumption is under-inflated tyres. This kind of tyre generates a lot of resistance, which means it will use up a lot of your fuel supply. Make sure your tyres have enough pressure and make it a point to do a check every month.

3. Clean your air filter

Once an air filter is packed with dirt, it prevents airflow towards the engine, which results in weak engine performance and high fuel consumption. There are air filters that are permanent, which can be used multiple times, they just need cleaning, and they are suitable for the environment as well.

4. Accelerate gradually

Accelerate slowly because sharp acceleration is the main culprit for increased fuel consumption. If you are driving a manual vehicle, make it a point to change gears early to maintain the revs low. Apart from that, you should also avoid sudden braking since it is a total waste of fuel.

5. Use cruise control

If your car has cruise control and you are driving in an area that doesn’t have heavy traffic, take advantage of it to save fuel.

6. Skip the AC and enjoy the fresh air

Using air condition inside your vehicle can decrease its fuel efficiency. So, avoid turning it on and open your sunroof or windows instead. However, if you are driving in extremely hot areas, you can turn on your AC and switch it off 20 minutes before you arrive in your designated place.

7. Keep your vehicle clean

Maintaining a clean and orderly vehicle will save you a lot of fuel. This is because you might not know that there is 1 kg of unnecessary stuff in your car that adds to its weight, which, in turn, burns more fuel.

8. Choose the best route

If your trip includes multiple traffic lights, then it’s going to consume a lot of fuel. Make it a habit to choose less busy roads if you want to save fuel.

9. Pick the right size

You need to asses if your vehicle is the right size for you. Nowadays, smaller cars are more efficient, safer and spacious. If you want to save money on fuel, you can downsize and switch to a hybrid. The latest models include the Toyota Prius V and Honda CR-Z.

If you don’t necessarily need to drive, then it’s best to skip it. It is actually the simplest and easiest way to cut down on fuel consumption.

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