Whenever you want to sell your car it is really important to determine the actual value. Unfortunately, most people get it wrong and nobody can blame them since the task at hand is difficult. The big problem is that when you do not properly assess car value you set yourself up for huge disappointment. For instance, if you want to sell your car, you wait weeks since nobody will be interested. Also, if you are interested in title lending since you have a financial problem, you might not get what you actually need.


Basics To Be Aware Of

The correct car price is going to make everyone involved in a transaction feeling like there is a benefit coming from the deal. A buyer will not feel ripped off and a seller feels that the right amount is obtained. Car value includes various different components like vehicle condition, optional equipment, mileage and age. These are factors that you do control but others are not like that. For instance, when the car marketplace is filled with cars just like yours, buyers can walk away from all negotiations. Car value automatically goes down simply because of availability.

In assessing true car value you have to locate that spot between how much you want to get and how much the buyer wants to pay. This is where the difficulty appears.

Assessing The Marketplace

One of the easiest ways to determine car value is to look at the used car marketplace. What you are particularly interested in is:

  • The demand for the vehicle class right nowfamily sedans are usually in high demand but sports cars are not.
  • The influence of what time of year it is – if you want to sell your convertible and it is winter, perceived car value goes down.
  • Current economic situation – when faced with the recession, people try to save instead of spending so car prices will go down. At the same time, be sure that you think about fuel price as this is also really important.

Analyze Similar Car Listings

There is always a really high possibility that there is someone else that sells a vehicle similar to what you owe. This means you can check local newspaper listings and look on the internet in order to see the possible car value. Listings found may not match model, extras, year and make but looking at them can still give you a good indication if the price you initially thought about is too low or too high.

Don’t Forget About Mileage

Most people think about car make, model, year and extras but forget about mileage and the perceived effect of it on car value in the mind of the potential buyer. You want to always compare vehicle mileage so that you can see if the car value has to be higher than what a particular listing you find states. The vehicle that has just 50,000 km will surely be much more valuable than one that was already used for $300,000.



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