Tools that enhance winning chances in gambling have begun increasing in demand. This is because gamblers have toed the line of pro-activity and plan ahead with tools that will ensure that the casino edge over them is reduced.

Every gambler should engage in research to enable them to identify these tools which will enhance their winning chances.

We’ve made the job easier though, by identifying some useful betting related software, and here are three if such betting tools you can take advantage of and win big at

1. Poker Odds Calculator

One must be adept in the calculation of odds to stand any chance of winning at Poker. Therefore, an inability to do this automatically leaves you disadvantaged in the game.

Nobody would be happy seeing his competitor have the edge over him. However, there are systems in place that enable you to learn the process.

That’s where the odds calculator from 888 comes in handy. It also offers a faster learning curve. The user interface is very intuitive and affords the user the functionality to find his way through any permutation whilst at a poker table to enable him to arrive at the stipulated odds.

2. BetTrader

This a betting tool developed by financial trader Adam Todd with the aid of his Betfair trading. The software grew in popularity due to its usage of money ladders. Its functionality is such that it offers quick views on Betfair pricing to enable players to take advantage of available value bets.

It also enabled one to place bets automatically in pre-determined situations like Tick Offset or Stop Loss. It has free and paid versions available.

3. Trademate Sports

This is one of the rare reliable betting software that offers value. It enables the user to identify profitable opportunities which are existent in the global sports betting market. It comes with an underlying algorithm which supposedly develops true odds whilst providing opportunities for the punting users.

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