A person can never predict when a motor vehicle accident might occur. According to statistics conducted by World Health Organization, in 2013, there were 1.25 million motor vehicle-related deaths worldwide. If you were to be involved in a car accident, would you know what to do? Many people don’t know what action they should take in such a situation. Here are some tips on knowing the proper action to take following a motor vehicle accident:

Take a deep breath

Depending on specific circumstances as well as how severe the accident may have been, you and any passengers may have been traumatized. The first thing that you should do is do whatever necessary to calm yourself. If passengers are present, then you should try to calm them, as well. Remaining calm is important, because if you’re hysterical then it make impede your ability to ensure your safety.

Call for help

Once you’ve calmed yourself enough, or as soon as possible, you should call for help. The police and an ambulance will be sent, and you and any passengers will checked out and transported to the nearest emergency room, if injuries are present. If you don’t have a mobile phone, then you should ask someone who stops to help to call.

Place flares

After an accident, the last thing you might be thinking about is placing flares outside the vehicle, but not only will they alert others, including emergency personnel, of the accident scene, but it can prevent possible danger by minimizing the chances of other drivers hitting your vehicle. If you don’t have flares, then your vehicle’s hazard lights will suffice.

Contact an attorney

If another driver’s negligence was the cause of the accident and you sustained serious injuries, then you might want to contact an attorney. Siegfried and Jensen specialize in handling motor vehicle accident and injury cases. By contacting a knowledgeable and experienced attorney like Siegfried and Jensen, you can receive the advise that you need. If you have a possible lawsuit, then the attorney can assist you every step of the way by collecting useful evidence, representing you in court, and more.

No one wants to ever be involved in a motor vehicle accident, but in the event that one does occur, these tips can help you ensure your safety. Making the right decisions can also increase your chances of receiving any compensation that you might be entitled to.

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