While looking for best performing tyres, most individuals choose the cheaper ones. However, professional tests have indicated that the cheaper the tyres the more they perform poorly compared to premium tyres especially in wet-weather performance. It is also important to note that most drivers love the idea of all-weather tyres that can be used in just about any season, whether in the summer or the winter. They are also much affordable as compared to switching to summer or winter tyres. Summer designed tyres and those designed to tread on snowy grounds are seriously different, especially in rubber compounds that in turn makes it hard to find a tyre capable of excelling in just about any weather.

In fact, not all the tyres designed for all-season are made to perform impressively on ice and snow and for them to perform extremely well, they must forgo some level of dry performance. This does not mean you cannot find some all-season tyres especially when you are looking for higher performing tyres for 2014.

G-MAX General AS-03

While this tyre is not trustworthy in any type of snow, it is very affordable especially bearing in mind that they are highly functional with an untouchable UHP; a tyre with a good reputation.

Kumho Ecsta 4X

This high-speed and high quality tyre is also excellently priced and a favorite of many people especially in most customer surveys and testing operations. During tests, the tyre is said to offer precise and rapid steering response and comes with enough groove for resistance of hydroplaning including a vast siping pattern variety that enhances the grip when it comes to bad weather.

Goodyear’s Eagle F1-Asymmetric 2

This tyre has been putting a strong performance consistently and has been one of the top sellers in Goodyear’s books. It has never dropped beyond number four in any of the tests carried against other tyres. It has been found to excel quite well in the area of subjective tests especially the steering feel since it is capable of letting the driver know the amount of grip in use in both the wet and dry letting you to work beyond its limits with a lot of confidence. Being an update of the Eagle F1, the asymmetric tread design has been heralded as what has made it to perform much better in wet and snowy conditions amidst helping it to maintain the UHP flair it is known for. It is a tire that you would want with you, especially in the winter.

Potenza RE970AS

This tyre is one of the all-season best performing tyres you will find anywhere and beats many others on that level. It is precise and crisp with a very controllable grip that is also highly progressive with a wonderful steering feel, also precise and quick. It is neither too soft nor too springy.

Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3

This tour combines both wet grip and summer performance with the responsiveness and grip that betters or equals most of the greatest tyres made for summer only. It might not be the tyre to look for in your daily rides but one to push in hot surroundings to the limits especially in instances where the conditions keep changing. This is a tyre you would definitely not think of driving without.

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