This year, Scionfinally decided to enter the hatchback market and came out swinging with a respectable product. The Scion 2016 iM Hatchback. The good stuff starts with the styling, they amped both their exterior and interior styling.


First the interior. In usual Scion fashion they went with the “mono-spec” scheme made up of blacks and

greys. Soft touch surfacing with fabrics of high quality with contrast stitching covering the seats doors and the headliner giving interior a truly premium look, something not usually found in this class of vehicles.

Complementing the premium looks is a feature package that really sets the iM apart from the competition.

It comes standard with power folding mirrors; cruise control; dual-zone automatic A/C; a Pioneer audio system with seven-inch touch screen; a backup camera; padded lower dash panels; a contoured, leather-wrapped steering wheel; and power windows and locks. A truly high end package but at a decent, affordable price.


The engineis a well chosen bit of machinery which boasts a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine with 137 horsepower and 126 lb-ft of torque, a nice engine to give you that zippy get around town feeling, while still keeping good gas mileage, clocking in at 36mpg of highway mileage. This is paired with either your choice of an automatic or standard transmission. The standard transmission has a wonderful shift quality that, while not racecar level, still provides a satisfying ‘thunk’ that will compliment your ‘go-fast’ dreams while speeding along the freeway. The automatic version, dubbed CVTi-S comes with a Sport mode that provides high revs and 7 simulated gear shifts. It also works hand-in-hand with a yaw sensor to allow those speedy corner exits to be done just right with the engine raising its rev automatically at the right moment.


The Scion wins all awards on this point with an MSRP of $19,255 for the manual transmission version and $19,995 for the automatic. To have this much value, especially with such a well packed feature package all at a MSRP of less than $20,000 makes the Scion 2016 a helluva deal. The money saved on the overall price can get thrown into extras, which the Scion has aplenty. Extras such as a pet package for the pet lovers among us which equips the car with a tether, door guards, seat pet barrier, and a sort of grass pad which Scion has designed to encourage your dog to stay on instead of damaging your center console by standing on that.Another one is the TRD package, which comes with lowered springs, anti-roll bars and a cold air intake, all of which peaks the cars response and maximizes the control and suspension capabilities of the car, really giving you that modified car feel.

All in all the new 2016 Scion hatchback is a pretty decent ride, giving the discerning purchasers a nice zippy option with great value for money and a car they can fall in love with, no matter who they may be, pet lovers, speed demons or regular folks, or a nice mix of all.

Scion iM
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