With winter weather driving conditions looming and many councils turning off roadside lighting, you may want to consider thinking about improving your driving safety habits.  You want to control all of the safety measures that you have in place so that you can drive defensively when other drivers aren’t being as cautious as you.  There are some things that you can do before you even get out on the roads to make sure that you are motoring as safely as possible.




Car Maintenance is Important


You’ll want to have new wiper blades for your winter driving so that you can see clearly the roadway in front of you; check your level of screen wash as well.  You’ll have to be observant of every vehicle around you and how other drivers are handling their cars on treacherous roads.  Get your lights checked as well so that in heavy fog, you can use low beams or fog lights to make your way along the road safely.  You’ll need to check the air in your tyres and make sure that you have the right amount of air pressure.  Many people are killed in the UK each year from tyres that aren’t properly inflated.


Change Your Attitude


Of course you should always be careful when driving but in the winter months you must pay attention to all of the weather warnings and drive accordingly.  You shouldn’t compare other years to what might be forecast for your local weather this time; always err on the side of caution.  If you think the conditions are going to worsen while you’re away from home, start your commute early if you can and if not, stay in a hotel so that you won’t add to the confusion on the roads or put yourself in danger of being in an accident.


Do You Need Another Vehicle?


If you have to drive a great deal in bad road conditions, you may want to find another vehicle that will provide you with better service for your job requirements.  You can always sell the car that you have and use the money to buy a more suitable car or truck for the places that you have to travel to. You may need a heavier car or larger truck to help you transport goods and services to clients in remote parts of the UK.  When you want to get the best value for your vehicle, you should visit websites like thecarbuyingservice.co.uk so that the valuation that you get is fair market value.  It’s imperative that you partner with a company that works from a mantra of honesty, integrity, and works diligently to get a fast payment to you with no hassles or worries.  When you sell your car you want to do so with confidence that you’ll have peace of mind and can get on with making the purchase of your next vehicle a reality.


No matter what vehicle you drive, you want to make sure that safety is your ultimate goal and that you are doing everything that you can to motor in a responsible manner.  Be observant, pay attention, and get a vehicle that can handle the conditions in which you drive the most.


Image courtesy of: FreeDigitalPhotos.net Dr Joseph Valks

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