Exotic cars, due to the need to put them in closed containers, can be more expensive with an additional cost of transportation of $800 to $3000.

The vehicle transportation services solve the dilemma that fleet managers face when they want to transport their vehicles out of the state. Here are solutions to the odd.

Choice to use Carrier or Driveaway: In considering how to transport a car, there are basically two available choices that fleet vehicle transportation can make use of.

  • In carrier service, vehicles are usually transported alongside with others which normally are between three vehicles to five vehicles using a designated special trailer.

  • On the other hand, a driveaway service makes provision for an expert driver to move the vehicle to the place it is designated.

There are mainly three distinct factors to consider when making a choice of using either transport service to transport a car

  • The time the car is needed

  • The delay time in getting the car to its designated location.

  • And what it will cost to deliver the vehicle.

Using carrier service cost lesser if you can exercise patience. It may take like 24 extra days after the purchase to get the car delivered through a carrier since the truck that will carry it has to wait to get full before leaving. Carrier services are recommended if there are numerous vehicles heading to the same area. Also carrier service doesn’t read on the miles of an odometer unlike the driveaway services. Although, the miles of a car is not really a thing of concern if it is covering just 300 to 400 miles, but for a longer distance like 2000 miles.

Driveaway services on the other hand are faster and a little more costly. It has its own merit like given notice of any fault in the car, reaching to farther distance and offering a repair service.

Whether the driveaway services or carrier services are used, the cost is very important when caught with the dilemma of how to transport the car

 One of the greatest factors to consider in car transport is the size of the car. An SUV will most like have a higher cost of transport. The expected transport traffic in the route of the transport destination is also another factor that affects the transport cost. Transporting to rural and remote areas will definitely cost more.

Also the distance and the prevailing cost of fuel are important factors in determining the cost of transportation. When it involves a farther distance, the price will be higher.

Mainly the forces of demand and supply affect the cost of transport. There are various seasons in the year and each affect the amount of shipments on the different routes. During the period of surge in the quantity of vehicle being transported on a particular route, the price of shipment will in like manner go up. But sometime, the price may not work in the same direction on the same given route.

In order to get and compare the prices of shipping car by various car shipping companies, you can use an online website like Uship.com. Uship.com gives an estimate of the cost of transporting a car. Shipping a four door Toyota Camry can cost say between the prices of $700 – $1100 with the lesser amount indicating the season of winter when shipping business is not in boom and the high amount showing the price during the summer months.

From uship website, transporting a car like the 2014 Chevy Malibu from the city of Indianapolis to the County of Los Angeles will cost between the prices of $830-$994, and transporting the same car to another place say from New York City to the City of Los Angeles will cost between the prices of $1,043 to $1,086.

Transporting a car like Ford F-150 will cost within the price range of $1,279 to $1,392 from the City of New York to the City of Los Angeles.

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