Having put what is sure to be a lot of time, effort and energy into building yourself your very own customised project car; it is best to leave something in your reserve for its final re-spray. After all, a great paint finish can make all the difference to the look and feel your car, while it can also have a critical impact on the level of financial return that you can expect on your investment.

With this in mind, here are four simple steps towards completing the perfect re-spray of your project vehicle: –

  1. Set Up and Prepare Your Workstation

Although you may be tempted to put paint to brush or, rather, spray to car there are several steps that you need to go through first to ensure that you achieve that perfect finish! Firstly you will need to prepare your workstation by acquiring all of the equipment that you are going to need. This, if you would like a professional finish, will include a filter booth to protect yourself and the environment from the chemicals that are released and an air compressor and various spray nozzles to ensure a smooth and even finish.

These can either be hired, or if you are sure to be using them again, quite affordably bought from specialist shops and websites such as Airflow and SGS Engineering. You will then need to get enough paint for the whole project. You can work out how much you will need by checking the coverage that one can provides and then multiply this amount by nine, as it is likely that it will take this many thin coats to achieve the desired finish.

  1. Prepare the Car

Fill and sand down the car before thoroughly washing it. Bearing in mind that it will need to feel as smooth as glass to get a professional finish. You should wash it with washing up liquid as this is great at removing dust and wax build up. Whilst the car is wet you should look for any imperfections by shining a light on it and looking at it from different angles to ensure that it is perfect. You can then give it a final buff with a screen wipe or solvent cleaner and mask any areas that you do not want sprayed.

  1. Ready, Aim and Spray

Try to take your time spraying the car and leave at least an hour in between coats to allow it to dry out completely. Then alternate between spraying from left to right up and down at a light and steady pace to give a nice even coverage.

  1. Wax and Admire to Complete the Task

Finish your car with a high quality wax and buff it to a high shine before standing back to admire your work. In no time at all, you will have added a unique sheen to your project car and potentially added considerable value that will enable you to drive a higher resale price! If you have the confidence you might even be able to pull off a paint job like this one.

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