Planning your next road trip, or maybe your first one ever? Fantastic! Road trips are a great way to see the world, or even just the world right outside of your home town. With a road trip, you can easily cater your vacation to what you want to do, while skipping all of the things you don’t really care to experience. Because of this, you’ll find that more and more people, families especially, are choosing to venture out on private road trips instead of organized tours. But, before you start planning your next road adventure, you’ll first want to know exactly how and what to pack.

How and where to pack the big items

If you plan to pack some bigger items to take with you, like a kayak, canoe or a bicycle or two, most likely you’re not going to try to stuff them into the vehicle itself, though this would be fun to watch. What you’ll want to do is first order a solid, long lasting roof rack. Once you’ve got your chosen roof rack and you’ve put it onto the top of your vehicle, you’ll then be able to figure out how best to attach all of your bigger items to it. When doing this, remember to put things on top that are weather proof, just in case a storm of some sort catches you off guard.

How many clothes

We as human beings have the tendency to over pack when it comes to clothes. Through research has not confirmed why just yet, we are trying hard as a population to fix this bizarre need to pack every piece of clothing item possible. The key to prevent this is to only pack a few days worth. That way if you need to, you can wash your clothes at a fresh water spring if camping or at a laundry mat if you happen to stay closer to a town or two. Also, if you plan on being near the ocean or a fun waterway of some sort, you only need to pack one or two bathing suits, not your whole drawer.

The little things

Aside from clothes and large gear, there are a few little things that you’ll want to take along to help make the trip more comfortable. These include your toothbrush and toothpaste, water and food, a hair brush, comfortable shoes (two or three pairs depending on what you’re doing) and other little comfort items you think you’ll need, such as a child’s favorite toy if traveling with kids in tow.

For some, the idea of packing for a trip of any kind is fun and exciting with lots of organizing and compacting involved. For others, this is the lease favorite part of the experience, this and unpacking everything at the end. Even if you find yourself not liking the packing portion of your trip, it’s still a good idea to know what to pack and how to pack everything ahead of time. This way you’ll find more time to enjoy the other planning parts of the trip as well as just the trip itself.

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