Unfortunately, the windows of our vehicles are not impervious to damage. Even a tiny knick on our windshield could splinter and turn into a serious problem. Not only that, but what if you wash your car on a hot day and one of your windows cracks? There is also the chance of your vehicle getting broken into – after cleaning the broken glass, you now have to get a whole new window. The question then becomes: where can I find an auto glass repair shop that I can trust? In any given city or community, there is a good chance that you will be able to find one or two excellent auto glass repair shops, but the key is to do your due diligence first. Here is how to find a reputable auto glass repair shop.

 Reputable Auto Glass Repair ShopYour first step is to look online. Yes, the Internet can be full of dubious information, but with a little research, you can glean some really great information. All you have to do is search “glass repair” and then your city in the search bar. You will get a slew of different responses. The key is to pick websites that look reputable – private blogs and other private review sites are probably not going to give you the best information. However, there are some major review sites that will give you plenty of information – including peer reviews.

When you are looking through all the reviews, you want to make sure that you find up to date reviews. You can usually search, or filter, results according to the date. When it comes down to it, some auto glass repair shops may have changed hands in the past of couple of years, so standards may have changed. Another option is to look at the Better Business Bureau. For instance, Premier 1 Auto Glass in Clearwater, Florida has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Next, once you have a list of different auto glass repair shops, you want to make a round a phone calls. However, before you call, you want to have a list of questions to ask. When it comes down to it, you want to ask about price and the quality of their materials. You should also ask who makes their auto glass and if the glass is dealership approved. This can be an important question to ask, because you don’t want to replace the auto glass in your vehicle if it will cancel your dealership warranty.

Lastly, you want to do your due diligence when it comes to looking for an auto glass repair shop. At the end of the day, you want to call about ten different glass repair shops. You want to get quotes, estimates and a rough turn around time. The last thing you want is to wait two weeks for your window to be replaced – it should only take about an hour or two, depending on the damage. Once you have your top three, you can simply decide what is best for your auto glass repair needs. At the end of the day, it may come down to the fact that an auto glass repair shop either has the best price, or the best service – sometimes service trumps price.

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