Car headlights usually become yellow and clouded after working for a few years. This cloudiness is a result of wear on the car headlights. The most common reason behind such cloudiness is oxidation resulting from the polycarbonate lens. Such cloudiness dims the light emitted from the headlamps, which may create problems when driving. Hence, car owners should try to sort out this problem in order to drive comfortably, as well as enhance the aesthetics of their cars.

Although the headlights can be resurfaced with the help of a mechanic or auto dealer, but you can do the job at home itself with a small effort. The things you would need usually are a clean cloth, detergent, water, headlight lens sealer, headlight lens polish and sandpaper.

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Car Headlights can be cleaned at Home Easily

Ways to Remove Oxidation from Headlights:

Since oxidation is mainly caused by exposure to UV radiation and natural elements, removing the headlight assembly’s top layer is the easiest way of solving the problem. You can do this with the help of fine grades of sandpaper. You need to buy a sealer, plastic lens polish, 1,200 grit, 1,000 grit and 900 grit sandpaper, and masking tape.

Sanding the Lens:

Mask the area surrounding the headlights using the masking tape for protecting the car paint. Wet the 900 grit sandpaper and drag it across the lens in motion of left t right. Continue the process until you find the entire lens to be frosted and dull. The lens should be sanded again using the sandpaper of 1000 grit. This sandpaper should also be kept wet. Continue the sanding process using this grit until you feel the lens to be smooth. Then, sand it using the 1,200 grit sandpaper and continue sanding until you find the whole lens surface to be smooth. This sandpaper should also be used after wetting.

Polishing the Lens:

Rinse the lens of the headlamp and let it dry. The polycarbonate lens’s surface should be buffed with headlight polish. The buffing should be continued in a circular motion until the whole surface feels clear and smooth.

Sealing the Lens:

The Driving Lights should be rinsed again with clean water and allowed to get dry. The, a lens sealer layer, should be applied to the lens surface in a motion of left to right with the help of a clean towel or a brush. The, the headlight should be allowed to dry for 10 minutes.

Removing Vapor from Headlights:

Water vapor is developed in the headlights assemblies on account of the high moisture content of the air trapped inside the headlight. This is usually caused due to a loose seal or gasket. The car manual should be reviewed for determining the process of taking apart the headlight assembly.

Removing Water from Lens:

A cloth should be used for wiping out the water of the lens. The, the lens should be allowed to dry in the open air. The assembly should be checked for the presence of open or loose gaps, which may let the water penetrate inside. In case of presence of a crack, silicone caulking should be applied to the space. In case the seal or gasket is worn and old, it should be replaced with a new seal.


This process would give you an idea of how to clean your car headlights and lend them a clear and new look. The process is quite simple and inexpensive, which you can easily carry pout at your home.

Summary: Cloudy car headlamps can be cleaned with the help of certain items. Once you know the process, you can clean your car headlamps on your own.

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