When you purchase an expensive and classy car shipping, it is very important to consider using enclosed auto transportation for it than the open car transport. It may not always be the case of purchasing an exotic car, you might want to use enclosed auto transport if you want the best protection for your car. Enclosed auto transport which is sometimes referred to as covered auto transport is a truck or trailer that is closed up completely. The cars are fully covered and protected inside the trailer.

Here are factors that determine the use of enclosed auto transport.

  • Budget: if you are not restricted by budget, then using enclosed auto transport is the safest means you can use to transport your car. Consider using this method if you have enough money to pay for the shipping of your car.

  • Enough wait time: if you have enough time to wait for your car to arrive, then it would be wise that you make use of the enclosed auto transport. The delay in using enclosed auto transport is because of the fact that there are no enough carriers for this transport system; therefore, it may take a little time to get your car picked by the few available auto transport carrier.

  • Maximum protection is your greatest concern: when you buy yourself an exotic, classic and high value car, then it would be wise to use an enclosed

In an occasion that you have your car damaged during the process of auto shipping, which the method of shipping (whether enclosed or open auto shipping) has a significant determinant on, there are several ways to make sure that the situation is properly handled with ease. One of them is to ensure that the on-site check where it is been picked is adequately carried out. To smoothen this, ensure that the outside of your car is very neat. Do a thorough assessment and verification of the inspection chart of the driver before appending your signature on any paper work. It might interest you to take a picture or video of the vehicle before it leaves for the trip. Try to inspect the car roof, the underneath, and the bumpers to know their rightful condition.

As soon as your vehicle gets to you, get yourself ready for the post once your vehicle arrives, you’ll again want to take measures to prepare your vehicle for the post-delivery assessment.

If you believe that your vehicle has been damaged during its shipment, the first thing you should do is call the auto transport company. Don’t wait around, because most companies only have 30 days to file a claim. If you don’t contact the company within 30 days, they may not be able to hold the carrier responsible for the damage. When you call the company, let them know what has happened and the representative will help you with the following steps.

If you observed that there is damage immediately your car got to you, record it down on the bill of lading. State it in a clear term using a comprehensive description of the extent of damage. Endeavor to make the driver know that there was no such damage before delivery. You will then sign on the bill of lading and let the driver sign too. This is to acknowledge the damage and the prevailing condition of the car on arrival. In order to confirm that the damage happened during the process of shipping it, the document bill of lading is then compared to the report written during inspection and the original document of the bill of lading.

Note well that when items in the car or trunk cause damage to the car because it got loosed during the process of transporting it, it will not be covered by the company (i.e. the auto transport company). You have to consult your insurance agent for this.

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