Every 15 year old can’t wait to be 16 so they can finally get that coveted license. However, taking the driver’s test is not the part they are looking forward to. Despite the negative connotation that comes with this dreaded test, there are multiple reasons why taking this test is essential in keeping the roads safe. But is one test when your 16 enough? Some critics think not.

            A study done in 2010 found that 1 in 5 drivers could not pass a written exam that took questions from their states driving test. 1 in 5! Most people admittedly study the driving manual and rules of the road before they take their driving test, and then never pick up the book again. This results in a large amount of people not knowing even some of the basic rules of the road. This is not something that drivers want to hear, especially around the holiday season.

            How do we fix this ongoing problem? There are multiple solutions, all of them something most drivers would not be happy about. The DMV could require that a written driving test to be taken every five years in order to have your license renewed. They could even go as far as requiring drivers to take a practical driving test. Although many people would protest the idea of getting in a car with a patrolman or woman again, it could be a large factor in keeping the roads safe.

            How many people actually look over their shoulder when changing lanes? How many people can safely and correctly parallel park? You would be surprised at the answers to these questions. As the years go on, drivers tend to get lazy with their safe driving habits. People get used to driving in all sorts of conditions and feel that they no longer need to be on high alert, following traffic laws closely. This, unfortunately, puts you and all the drivers around you in danger. By requiring a practical driving test every 5 years, it would hopefully keep people following all traffic procedures and not take any short cuts.

            Besides ensuring safety on the road, driving tests could also keep you in the loop with the law. Some driving laws and regulations tend to change or emerge from year to year, and by taking a driving test, you will remain up to speed on the law of the land. This could help you avoid getting an $80 ticket for not following a seatbelt law that you didn’t even know existed.

            Although it may not be something you want to hear, requiring a driving test every few years is something that may need to be implemented to keep the roads as safe as possible. Whether it be written or practical, this test could not only ensure safety, but also keep you up-to-date on ever changing traffic laws. Despite the dread the accompanies this type of test, it may be a necessary evil.

Written by Marc LaFerriere at Dents Unlimited & Toalson Glass. Marc and his expert staff are one of the leading auto repair shops Columbia, MO has to offer. Their great service and attention to detail is what helps them stand out.

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