If you ever find yourself in a serious truck accident, what is your best option in securing sound legal help?


Whether injured in driving or riding in a vehicle or as a pedestrian, injuries can be traumatic. As such, making sure you have the right legal help is crucial.


Along with the physical and mental trauma, the financial fallout can be quite great.


Stop for a minute and think about your professional life driving forward.
What if you have limits in your ability to earn a living after the accident? What if you are unable to work altogether? The crippling financial impact can haunt you the rest of your life.
That said driving forward with a winning personal injury case becomes a necessity.
To do that, locating the best truck accident attorney in San Antonio or elsewhere is crucial.


He or she can steer your case so that you are in a position to claim a financial reward for your pain and suffering.
Painting a Picture of Guilt


To have the best chance of winning a settlement from those who have caused you harm, remember to focus on:

  1. Accident details

Provide your legal counsel with as much accident detail as possible.


For instance, any eyewitness or video evidence can be critical to your case.


Review to see if there is:


  • Eyewitness testimony from other drivers or pedestrians to confirm your story.


  • Video evidence from any nearby businesses or even street cameras showing the accident.
  • Police report and even an officer or officers who saw the crash while on duty.

The more evidence, the better chance your legal representative will have in winning.

  1. Injury details


Accidents involving cars are bad enough. Magnify the damages several times when the accident involves a truck.


With that in mind, your injuries can even be life-threatening in some cases. Worse yet, if you are dead or a loved one is, how will your family go on?


Assuming you survive your injuries, your life can change moving forward.
Typical injuries from a serious accident can include:

  • TBI – Traumatic brain injuries


  • Neck and other head injuries
  • Broken bones


  • Severe lacerations
  • Damage to your sight and/or hearing


If you are going to be dealing with a long period of physical rehab, that can wear on you too.


While you need to be honest about your injuries, do not sugarcoat them either.


Always be sure to have a full medical check and provide such results to your legal team.


  1. Financial details


While health should be the first priority, you have to think about the financial fallout.
When involved in a serious truck accident, your ability to work going ahead can be at risk.


You also have to consider how you are going to pay for all your medical needs.


Even with health insurance, there are no guarantees it will all your medical bills. As such, you could find yourself in a rather big financial hole before you know it.


Do your best with your legal counsel to get the most beneficial settlement possible. Remember, someone else caused your pain and suffering so making them pay for it is acceptable.
Although you hope to never have to make that call, make the call for legal help when your life has taken a dramatic turn.




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