With so many events and appointments to look forward to in your daily life, your car may feel thoroughly neglected as you take it for granted and avoid the need to look after its maintenance every once in a while. Part of the reason may be the hectic schedule that dominates your lifestyle wherein your smartphone takes care of all your appointments, meetings and special events. You may have been wise enough to take car insurance for your vehicle to ensure that you do not suffer any financial loss in the event of any untoward accident involving the car wherein it would be at the receiving end and suffer physical damage. However, the car insurance will be rendered meaningless if you do not make an effort to maintain your car and ensure its longevity. You may not realize it but car maintenance is much easier than you might think. Given below are some essential checklist items that will ensure your car’s longevity.

1.)   Air filter:

This is probably one of the most ignored areas of your car and therefore, your first item on the checklist should most certainly be the air filter. To put it simply, it is this air filter that filters out any type of impurities that float around in the environmental air before transporting it into the airflow sensor and the engine. You may not realize it but the engine of your car heavily depends on this air. Ideally, it is recommended that you replace the air filter at least once every 12 months.

2.)   Fuel Filter:

Unless you own an electric car, this should not concern you. However, if you do own a car that runs entirely on fuel, then this should be one of the items on your car maintenance checklist that should be given far more importance. It goes without saying that a car runs tirelessly on fuel and it is the fuel filter that does all the hard work of filtering the fuel for impurities as it can easily block the injectors. Therefore, keeping a track of the fuel filters is very crucial. However, this is not something that you can manage yourself and therefore, a trained technician would be better at replacing the same, which should ideally be done every 2 years.

3.)   Coolant:

When you buy car insurance for your vehicle, it can easily be considered as an investment as it is certainly a tool that can come to your rescue when your car goes through physical damage in an accident. However, for the insurance to make any sense, it is extremely crucial that you keep your car in good condition and one of the many items that you must include in your checklist for this is the coolant. Essentially, coolant is the liquid that forms part of the radiator. You may not realize it but the coolant is responsible for performing a long list of tasks often simultaneously. The cooling system can often get corroded and it is this coolant that prevents this from occurring. Ideally, the coolant needs to be replaced every 2 years, however, it is also important to install the right coolant for your car, which also includes the water mixture ratio.

4.)   Brakes:

This is the one car part that can cost you your life if you fail to check and replace every once in a while. Yet, this aspect is taken far too lightly and should certainly not be the case. Keeping tabs on the fluid level is important as it can give you an indication on its replacement. The brake-pad can also be an instant giveaway and if you find its condition unusual, it is best to change it.

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Jackson World is a car specialist and the owner of a renowned car repair and servicing company. He has a formal background in business and commerce and strongly recommends every car owner to purchase car insurance.

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