When traveling from one place to another or when moving materials, it is secure and comfortable to rent a van. Renting of vehicles is a business which has been going on for years. Clients have appreciated the business due to its advantages.

CarRentalExpress.com is one of the best places to find the best car renting services. Car RentalExpress.com works with some independent agencies which provide cheap rental vans.

If you are looking for a place to rent a van at an affordable price and high-professionalism of customer service, then CarRentalExpress.com is the place.

Renting Services

The agencies have many types of vehicles that they rent which include minivans, passenger vans, minivans, pickup trucks, cargo van, sports van, and moving trucks. We started the business of renting vans due to the high demand for use.

You can rent a van when going for special events, extended family vacations, school trips, commercial purposes, and sports teams, short trips with friends, and moving homes or offices. CarRentalExpress.com works to satisfy clients by giving high-end services.

How to Book

Booking a vehicle on the CarRentalExpress.com is easier as the steps are easy to understand. On the website, check the prices and enter the pickup location which might be the airport. Then enter the renting and returning date.

Then a list of vans available will be listed and you will select your preferred according to the passengers which differs according to cities. Some cities have a vast number of our rental vans such as Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, Fort Lauderdale and Toronto in Ontario.

Types of Vehicles

Each agency operating under CarRentalExpress.com has different types of vehicles. The main types of renting vehicles found include 7-passenger minivans, 8-passenger vans such as Chevy cargo vans, large ford, and Toyota Sienna, 12 passenger vans such as Ford E-350, and 15 passenger vans.

All these vehicles are cheap renting vans and can be afforded by any person who wants to rent from us.

Cheap rental vans that are of high-quality are hard to find. However, if you book at CarRentalExpress.com, you will find very high-end vehicles which are affordable. The agencies we work with value their customers, and they reduce prices but improve the quality of cars.

We provide 24 hours customer service, and therefore you can book a vehicle on the website at any time of the day. We work with agencies that have been providing car renting services for years.


Renting a car should not be a complicated process, and that is why our website is easy to go through. The prices are listed and the pictures of the vehicles. Our clients are usually happy with the services that we offer as you can see on our reviews and testimonials. The agencies at CarRentalExpress.com offers both pickup and drop-off services, airport services, and travel services.

The agencies have a wide range of market target which includes travelers, military, government, tour groups, airline employee, and travel agents. Finding an agency can be challenging, and that is why CarRentalExpress.com has made it easier by putting many agencies offering different services at one place which makes it easier for a client.

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