Car rental

First impression is always the last impression and if you wish to impress your clients, going for luxurious car renting is a great way to make a good impression. However, the corporate car renting shouldn’t affect your budget either, there are several deals available online if you do a little research. Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when you should hire a corporate car:

1.     Shop around

The right place to find deals and offers on corporate car rental is online. There are several companies in competition with each other, providing you excellent deals. Hiring a car saves your effort and time, and you can hire it from the comfort of your home or office. This also gives you an added benefit ignoring the nosy salesperson panicking round your neck. Make sure you check all the clauses and hidden expenditures before booking it online

2.     Check the Insurance Cover

Normally when you rent corporate car, the hire company offers a loss damage waiver and accident damage waiver during the time of collision. Both the coverage are very important, but with corporate car renting you will find both the insurance policies already covered for you. Ensure that you are not paying for extra premium or any other coverage. You can always cross check it with your insurance agent and find out the real things about renting car for corporate usage,

3.     Book before time

You should always book ahead of time as will not only guarantee on time arrival of the car, but also provide you with an option to go for any car of your choice and avail better hire rates. Reserve the car of your choice for a week in advance for better choice alternatives and good savings. Planning ahead of time is good.

4.     Don’t go for pre-paid fuel options

Car hiring companies provide an option of full tank fuel or gas. Though it could be very convenient but this could result in spending more on gas than you will actually consume while going for corporate trips. If you are very certain that you will use a full tank of gas, it is better to stay away from prepaid gas ideas that corporate car renting companies provide

5.     Return back on time

Ensure that you give back the car on time or significant late fee will be added to your bill. Usually rental companies provide an half an hour grace period but even if you don’t return the car after the grace period, they charge for late fee. Thus, check out for the late fees from beforehand.

Nothing can highlight your success in the corporate world than a luxurious car, but sadly not all can afford it. For everybody else, there is corporate car renting. This also protects your car from the wear and tear that usually occurs on corporate trips. As a busy businessman, your time is extremely prestigious and chauffeurs driven cars offer better and smooth driving experience. Such cars give you great comfort and safe driving experience along with a trained chauffeur. SO, the next time you are looking forward to give your clients a south driving experience going for car renting corporate is a great option. Use it in the best possible way and make the most out of it. it is a great service for the corporate sector.

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