Searching for Mr Right can be a long a fraught process – we all know that there are a lot more frogs out there than there are princes. But we also know that there are lots of fish in the ocean and that there is somebody out there for everybody. It is just finding them that can be a process. A wise woman once pointed out that a good place to start was to look at how good a man was around his vehicle. Evidently a man who can look after a car can look after a woman. This might not be a scientifically proven fact but there may be merit there. Regardless of whether you buy into the theory or not, here are a few simple mechanical things a man should be able to do to his car.


It’s not always easy                                                        

The vehicles of today are significantly more complicated than those of our grandparent’s era. Technology has advanced rapidly and maintaining a car today, in the era of onboard computers and hi-tech electronics is not what it once was. Having said that if you have noticed that your gears are not changing as smoothly as they once did and that perhaps your car is a little low in the power department, perhaps you should ask your man to have a look at the clutch. This is something that with a bit of guidance and a feel for mechanics, he should be able to do himself. As with most things these days you can begin online by searching for the make and model. A phrase like ‘chevrolet corvette clutch kit’ should do the trick and the search will reveal where the item can be purchased and, if you are lucky, possibly even give tips or videos for installation. Watch the associated videos, making notes as you go and before you know it you will have a whole new clutch installed.


Beware the puncture

Short of going to a gas station and filling up the tank, changing a punctured tire is the simplest thing you can do to a car. Surprisingly though many people don’t actually know how to change a tire. Some don’t even know where to find the spare or how to jack the car up. If, even for a minute, you think that this could be your man, it is probably time to have the talk. If he loves you he will learn and learn quickly – but in all honesty a man who can’t switch a tire is not worth keeping around. If you are reading this and wondering it is so simple: chock a wheel that’s going to stay grounded. Loosen the wheel nuts before jacking the car up. Remove the wheel off and put the spare in its place. fasten the bolts. Lower the car. Tighten the bolts one last time. Done!


Basic Service

These days so many guys take their cars to the garage for a service, when they really could do it themselves. A basic service constitutes an oil change, new spark plugs and a new set of filters – for the oil and the air. It is really very simple and also very rewarding if you do it yourself. It is a basic life skill that every father should teach to his sons.  And which every woman should want her man to do for her.



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