4 Safe Cars for Under £20,000

Whether you’re in the market for a family-friendly people carrier or you’re simply interested in your own safety, your next car purchase should be a safe one.  Most car manufacturers claim that their cars are the safest, but who’s telling the truth?  To help you see through the marketing spin, we’ve compiled a short-list of our top 4 safe cars.

4 – Toyota Camry

Toyota are a car manufacturer who have won a number of accolades for the safety of their vehicles, and one of their most reliable, sturdy makes is the Camry.  Having been around for over 20 years, the Camry has been iterated on for a long time, and its safety is undeniable.  If you’re looking for a reliable car for your family or a safe business car, the Camry might be the right one for you. Although their price rides dangerously close to our £20,000 mark when you add on any extra features you might want, you can get a second-hand Toyota which will save you a significant amount.


3 – Honda Accord

The Honda Accord has won a large number of awards from review sites for its safety, and it has consistently high sales which it has maintained for around 20 years. Later models of the Accord have an all-new sheet metal board across the front which helps to make the vehicle look more ‘muscular’, and should also protect it against even heavy-duty vehicles like lorries and vans.  A safe bet.


2 – Dodge Charger

This is another car which rides dangerously close to our £20,000 limit.  The Dodge Charger is very similar to the Dodge Magnum – a car which is based on the Mercedes E-Class. In our opinion, it’s quite good.  In terms of safety, the car is designed to facilitate a number of sheet metal plates which dissipate any energy before it gets to you or your passengers, thus making it a safe car to ride in.  A luxurious car with a safe design.


1 – Mazda CX-7 Sport

This Mazda is the only SUV on our list, but it wins our hearts because not only does it have the safety features of a great SUV, it also drives like a dream (hence the sports title).  Its front side has been rated the highest possible rating, so it’s a vehicle worth owning if you’re concerned with safety, despite its slightly heavy 3710-pount curb weight.

4 ways to find the best car hire service

Finding the best car hire service is the most important part of any trip if you are going out somewhere to spend your holidays. It is theworst part but most important of any journey.  There are many things that have to be keeping in mind while hiring a car. These are:

Know your car service providers

This is the first and very important part to hire best car service. You know the service providers personally,or some of your close relatives or friends know about the same. So it can make you comfortable to hire a service. First you go to them and meet them personally. It will give you the kind of satisfaction about the service providers. You get to know everything about the service providers if you meet them personally. It gives you an idea about the charges of the service providers. If you feel good about the same then you can hire the car service of the business.

Search online

You can also search online about the car service providers. There are many services that offer many discounts also. You can search the one for your trip. But it is hard to select the one from the internet. So search about the business,you like and enquiry about them from your neighbours oryour closed ones. You can take the reviews about the service providers from the different website. First searched very well about the agency then only finalize them according to your budget and their facilities. What facilities are they providing?

 Programmes of service providers

You can also join the service providers’ programme. It will give you all the information about the service providersand you get to know many things. What type of facilities necessary in the rental car? This programme will give you the idea which kind of services is best for the car hiring programme. Try to join the campaign also of the service providers. This will tell you about the good and reputed agencies of cars and best service providers. This programme also tells you about the charges they are charging according to distance, kilometres or speed.

Discount codes

There are many service providers in the market. They also offer many discounts on different services because of the competition among the different service providers. Some are best service providers; some are average,and some are below average. But they are giving discounts to attract the customers so always look for the best but also look if the service providers offering any discount or not. If you check online then also they give you some deals and discounts or some additional benefits.

These are some ways how to choose the best and affordable car service if you want to go out for holidays or anywhere. Keep the above points in mind as it will help you in hiring the best and low price car service. First of all, check the facilities then only finalize the service providers. People can also buy my car from different service providers.

Checklist for the longevity of your car’s performance


With so many events and appointments to look forward to in your daily life, your car may feel thoroughly neglected as you take it for granted and avoid the need to look after its maintenance every once in a while. Part of the reason may be the hectic schedule that dominates your lifestyle wherein your smartphone takes care of all your appointments, meetings and special events. You may have been wise enough to take car insurance for your vehicle to ensure that you do not suffer any financial loss in the event of any untoward accident involving the car wherein it would be at the receiving end and suffer physical damage. However, the car insurance will be rendered meaningless if you do not make an effort to maintain your car and ensure its longevity. You may not realize it but car maintenance is much easier than you might think. Given below are some essential checklist items that will ensure your car’s longevity.

1.)   Air filter:

This is probably one of the most ignored areas of your car and therefore, your first item on the checklist should most certainly be the air filter. To put it simply, it is this air filter that filters out any type of impurities that float around in the environmental air before transporting it into the airflow sensor and the engine. You may not realize it but the engine of your car heavily depends on this air. Ideally, it is recommended that you replace the air filter at least once every 12 months.

2.)   Fuel Filter:

Unless you own an electric car, this should not concern you. However, if you do own a car that runs entirely on fuel, then this should be one of the items on your car maintenance checklist that should be given far more importance. It goes without saying that a car runs tirelessly on fuel and it is the fuel filter that does all the hard work of filtering the fuel for impurities as it can easily block the injectors. Therefore, keeping a track of the fuel filters is very crucial. However, this is not something that you can manage yourself and therefore, a trained technician would be better at replacing the same, which should ideally be done every 2 years.

3.)   Coolant:

When you buy car insurance for your vehicle, it can easily be considered as an investment as it is certainly a tool that can come to your rescue when your car goes through physical damage in an accident. However, for the insurance to make any sense, it is extremely crucial that you keep your car in good condition and one of the many items that you must include in your checklist for this is the coolant. Essentially, coolant is the liquid that forms part of the radiator. You may not realize it but the coolant is responsible for performing a long list of tasks often simultaneously. The cooling system can often get corroded and it is this coolant that prevents this from occurring. Ideally, the coolant needs to be replaced every 2 years, however, it is also important to install the right coolant for your car, which also includes the water mixture ratio.

4.)   Brakes:

This is the one car part that can cost you your life if you fail to check and replace every once in a while. Yet, this aspect is taken far too lightly and should certainly not be the case. Keeping tabs on the fluid level is important as it can give you an indication on its replacement. The brake-pad can also be an instant giveaway and if you find its condition unusual, it is best to change it.

Author’s bio:

Jackson World is a car specialist and the owner of a renowned car repair and servicing company. He has a formal background in business and commerce and strongly recommends every car owner to purchase car insurance.

How to Clear Clouded Headlights in Cars

Car headlights usually become yellow and clouded after working for a few years. This cloudiness is a result of wear on the car headlights. The most common reason behind such cloudiness is oxidation resulting from the polycarbonate lens. Such cloudiness dims the light emitted from the headlamps, which may create problems when driving. Hence, car owners should try to sort out this problem in order to drive comfortably, as well as enhance the aesthetics of their cars.

Although the headlights can be resurfaced with the help of a mechanic or auto dealer, but you can do the job at home itself with a small effort. The things you would need usually are a clean cloth, detergent, water, headlight lens sealer, headlight lens polish and sandpaper.

headlight of car

Car Headlights can be cleaned at Home Easily

Ways to Remove Oxidation from Headlights:

Since oxidation is mainly caused by exposure to UV radiation and natural elements, removing the headlight assembly’s top layer is the easiest way of solving the problem. You can do this with the help of fine grades of sandpaper. You need to buy a sealer, plastic lens polish, 1,200 grit, 1,000 grit and 900 grit sandpaper, and masking tape.

Sanding the Lens:

Mask the area surrounding the headlights using the masking tape for protecting the car paint. Wet the 900 grit sandpaper and drag it across the lens in motion of left t right. Continue the process until you find the entire lens to be frosted and dull. The lens should be sanded again using the sandpaper of 1000 grit. This sandpaper should also be kept wet. Continue the sanding process using this grit until you feel the lens to be smooth. Then, sand it using the 1,200 grit sandpaper and continue sanding until you find the whole lens surface to be smooth. This sandpaper should also be used after wetting.

Polishing the Lens:

Rinse the lens of the headlamp and let it dry. The polycarbonate lens’s surface should be buffed with headlight polish. The buffing should be continued in a circular motion until the whole surface feels clear and smooth.

Sealing the Lens:

The Driving Lights should be rinsed again with clean water and allowed to get dry. The, a lens sealer layer, should be applied to the lens surface in a motion of left to right with the help of a clean towel or a brush. The, the headlight should be allowed to dry for 10 minutes.

Removing Vapor from Headlights:

Water vapor is developed in the headlights assemblies on account of the high moisture content of the air trapped inside the headlight. This is usually caused due to a loose seal or gasket. The car manual should be reviewed for determining the process of taking apart the headlight assembly.

Removing Water from Lens:

A cloth should be used for wiping out the water of the lens. The, the lens should be allowed to dry in the open air. The assembly should be checked for the presence of open or loose gaps, which may let the water penetrate inside. In case of presence of a crack, silicone caulking should be applied to the space. In case the seal or gasket is worn and old, it should be replaced with a new seal.


This process would give you an idea of how to clean your car headlights and lend them a clear and new look. The process is quite simple and inexpensive, which you can easily carry pout at your home.

Summary: Cloudy car headlamps can be cleaned with the help of certain items. Once you know the process, you can clean your car headlamps on your own.

Author Bio: Joana Hall is an avid writer who likes to write blogs on Automotive. She has written many articles on Driving Lights. In this article she is providing the readers some valuable information on IIHS Finally Unveils the Top Safest Automobile on Road.

Great Reasons to Buy from a Ford Car Dealer

The automobile industry is growing massively with the increase in the use of vehicles. Especially, the use of cars has augmented all across the world. This is the reason which has led to the development of several car dealers. There are specialized dealers for every brand just like Ford dealers in the UK and they exhibit the new cars of particular brand in their showroom. What makes the showroom or the car dealer service more crucial?


Design and Features of the Car:

Nothing gives a better opportunity to perceive the features of the car and the design of the car in a better way other than the dealer. It is merely not about looking at the car externally, but you can also have a test drive with the car. This is the most imperative aspect which makes the service of the car dealer a crucial one.

New Vehicle Inventory Pricing:

The central phenomena of the dealer is that apart from the automotive technology you can also look at the various models and have a complete pricing of each and every car based on the choices of the models. Therefore all the details can be accomplished up to date in an unprecedented market.

Get Ford Special Offers:

The ford dealers in UK also provide with a spectacular and isolated settlements and deals that makes your purchase of the car more decisive. Obviously this is the imperative element that increases the sales of the cars in most geographic areas of the world. Implementation of this factor must be done very crucially and time to time such offers must be encouraged.

Certified Seller:

Reconciling state of the art designs with moderate pricing, only the certified car dealers can fetch you excellent prices and great offers to save a huge sum of dollars on your ford automobile purchase.

Multitude of cars are sold by the dealers because they are genuine and certified. They offer versatile customer service which helps to increase the sales of the car enormously. These dealers are committed to deliver best customer satisfaction. It is the prime work and the responsibility of the dealer of the automobile that makes them worthy.

Information about a Car Title Loan

Although today’s economy is steadily recovering from a recession, some citizens still find themselves in a financial bind from time to time.. Although borrowing the necessary funds from a friend is an option, obtaining a car title loan may prove to be a much better solution. Here are some of the benefits of acquiring a car title loan. Continue reading Information about a Car Title Loan

Driving Test Every 5 Years: Why it should Be Required


Every 15 year old can’t wait to be 16 so they can finally get that coveted license. However, taking the driver’s test is not the part they are looking forward to. Despite the negative connotation that comes with this dreaded test, there are multiple reasons why taking this test is essential in keeping the roads safe. But is one test when your 16 enough? Some critics think not.

            A study done in 2010 found that 1 in 5 drivers could not pass a written exam that took questions from their states driving test. 1 in 5! Most people admittedly study the driving manual and rules of the road before they take their driving test, and then never pick up the book again. This results in a large amount of people not knowing even some of the basic rules of the road. This is not something that drivers want to hear, especially around the holiday season.

            How do we fix this ongoing problem? There are multiple solutions, all of them something most drivers would not be happy about. The DMV could require that a written driving test to be taken every five years in order to have your license renewed. They could even go as far as requiring drivers to take a practical driving test. Although many people would protest the idea of getting in a car with a patrolman or woman again, it could be a large factor in keeping the roads safe.

            How many people actually look over their shoulder when changing lanes? How many people can safely and correctly parallel park? You would be surprised at the answers to these questions. As the years go on, drivers tend to get lazy with their safe driving habits. People get used to driving in all sorts of conditions and feel that they no longer need to be on high alert, following traffic laws closely. This, unfortunately, puts you and all the drivers around you in danger. By requiring a practical driving test every 5 years, it would hopefully keep people following all traffic procedures and not take any short cuts.

            Besides ensuring safety on the road, driving tests could also keep you in the loop with the law. Some driving laws and regulations tend to change or emerge from year to year, and by taking a driving test, you will remain up to speed on the law of the land. This could help you avoid getting an $80 ticket for not following a seatbelt law that you didn’t even know existed.

            Although it may not be something you want to hear, requiring a driving test every few years is something that may need to be implemented to keep the roads as safe as possible. Whether it be written or practical, this test could not only ensure safety, but also keep you up-to-date on ever changing traffic laws. Despite the dread the accompanies this type of test, it may be a necessary evil.

Written by Marc LaFerriere at Dents Unlimited & Toalson Glass. Marc and his expert staff are one of the leading auto repair shops Columbia, MO has to offer. Their great service and attention to detail is what helps them stand out.

Business and Corporate Car Renting Ideas

Car rental

First impression is always the last impression and if you wish to impress your clients, going for luxurious car renting is a great way to make a good impression. However, the corporate car renting shouldn’t affect your budget either, there are several deals available online if you do a little research. Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when you should hire a corporate car:

1.     Shop around

The right place to find deals and offers on corporate car rental is online. There are several companies in competition with each other, providing you excellent deals. Hiring a car saves your effort and time, and you can hire it from the comfort of your home or office. This also gives you an added benefit ignoring the nosy salesperson panicking round your neck. Make sure you check all the clauses and hidden expenditures before booking it online

2.     Check the Insurance Cover

Normally when you rent corporate car, the hire company offers a loss damage waiver and accident damage waiver during the time of collision. Both the coverage are very important, but with corporate car renting you will find both the insurance policies already covered for you. Ensure that you are not paying for extra premium or any other coverage. You can always cross check it with your insurance agent and find out the real things about renting car for corporate usage,

3.     Book before time

You should always book ahead of time as will not only guarantee on time arrival of the car, but also provide you with an option to go for any car of your choice and avail better hire rates. Reserve the car of your choice for a week in advance for better choice alternatives and good savings. Planning ahead of time is good.

4.     Don’t go for pre-paid fuel options

Car hiring companies provide an option of full tank fuel or gas. Though it could be very convenient but this could result in spending more on gas than you will actually consume while going for corporate trips. If you are very certain that you will use a full tank of gas, it is better to stay away from prepaid gas ideas that corporate car renting companies provide

5.     Return back on time

Ensure that you give back the car on time or significant late fee will be added to your bill. Usually rental companies provide an half an hour grace period but even if you don’t return the car after the grace period, they charge for late fee. Thus, check out for the late fees from beforehand.

Nothing can highlight your success in the corporate world than a luxurious car, but sadly not all can afford it. For everybody else, there is corporate car renting. This also protects your car from the wear and tear that usually occurs on corporate trips. As a busy businessman, your time is extremely prestigious and chauffeurs driven cars offer better and smooth driving experience. Such cars give you great comfort and safe driving experience along with a trained chauffeur. SO, the next time you are looking forward to give your clients a south driving experience going for car renting corporate is a great option. Use it in the best possible way and make the most out of it. it is a great service for the corporate sector.

Author bio: James live in Orlando with his wife and 2 kids. He is a passionate freelance writer who writes on travel and transportation blogs. He recommends using the best Orlando limousine services in case if you are in need of luxury limos for your next party. To know more visit – http://limo321.com/


The Best Performance Tyre On The Market For 2014

While looking for best performing tyres, most individuals choose the cheaper ones. However, professional tests have indicated that the cheaper the tyres the more they perform poorly compared to premium tyres especially in wet-weather performance. It is also important to note that most drivers love the idea of all-weather tyres that can be used in just about any season, whether in the summer or the winter. They are also much affordable as compared to switching to summer or winter tyres. Summer designed tyres and those designed to tread on snowy grounds are seriously different, especially in rubber compounds that in turn makes it hard to find a tyre capable of excelling in just about any weather.

In fact, not all the tyres designed for all-season are made to perform impressively on ice and snow and for them to perform extremely well, they must forgo some level of dry performance. This does not mean you cannot find some all-season tyres especially when you are looking for higher performing tyres for 2014.

G-MAX General AS-03

While this tyre is not trustworthy in any type of snow, it is very affordable especially bearing in mind that they are highly functional with an untouchable UHP; a tyre with a good reputation.

Kumho Ecsta 4X

This high-speed and high quality tyre is also excellently priced and a favorite of many people especially in most customer surveys and testing operations. During tests, the tyre is said to offer precise and rapid steering response and comes with enough groove for resistance of hydroplaning including a vast siping pattern variety that enhances the grip when it comes to bad weather.

Goodyear’s Eagle F1-Asymmetric 2

This tyre has been putting a strong performance consistently and has been one of the top sellers in Goodyear’s books. It has never dropped beyond number four in any of the tests carried against other tyres. It has been found to excel quite well in the area of subjective tests especially the steering feel since it is capable of letting the driver know the amount of grip in use in both the wet and dry letting you to work beyond its limits with a lot of confidence. Being an update of the Eagle F1, the asymmetric tread design has been heralded as what has made it to perform much better in wet and snowy conditions amidst helping it to maintain the UHP flair it is known for. It is a tire that you would want with you, especially in the winter.

Potenza RE970AS

This tyre is one of the all-season best performing tyres you will find anywhere and beats many others on that level. It is precise and crisp with a very controllable grip that is also highly progressive with a wonderful steering feel, also precise and quick. It is neither too soft nor too springy.

Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3

This tour combines both wet grip and summer performance with the responsiveness and grip that betters or equals most of the greatest tyres made for summer only. It might not be the tyre to look for in your daily rides but one to push in hot surroundings to the limits especially in instances where the conditions keep changing. This is a tyre you would definitely not think of driving without.

About Author

This article is written by Chris who is an auto consultant living in the UK. He loves to drive his beloved 4X4 SUV and go places unexplored. He regularly gets his SUV maintained at National Autocare. Find out more about National here national.co.uk

Put Safety in the Driver’s Seat

 With winter weather driving conditions looming and many councils turning off roadside lighting, you may want to consider thinking about improving your driving safety habits.  You want to control all of the safety measures that you have in place so that you can drive defensively when other drivers aren’t being as cautious as you.  There are some things that you can do before you even get out on the roads to make sure that you are motoring as safely as possible.




Car Maintenance is Important


You’ll want to have new wiper blades for your winter driving so that you can see clearly the roadway in front of you; check your level of screen wash as well.  You’ll have to be observant of every vehicle around you and how other drivers are handling their cars on treacherous roads.  Get your lights checked as well so that in heavy fog, you can use low beams or fog lights to make your way along the road safely.  You’ll need to check the air in your tyres and make sure that you have the right amount of air pressure.  Many people are killed in the UK each year from tyres that aren’t properly inflated.


Change Your Attitude


Of course you should always be careful when driving but in the winter months you must pay attention to all of the weather warnings and drive accordingly.  You shouldn’t compare other years to what might be forecast for your local weather this time; always err on the side of caution.  If you think the conditions are going to worsen while you’re away from home, start your commute early if you can and if not, stay in a hotel so that you won’t add to the confusion on the roads or put yourself in danger of being in an accident.


Do You Need Another Vehicle?


If you have to drive a great deal in bad road conditions, you may want to find another vehicle that will provide you with better service for your job requirements.  You can always sell the car that you have and use the money to buy a more suitable car or truck for the places that you have to travel to. You may need a heavier car or larger truck to help you transport goods and services to clients in remote parts of the UK.  When you want to get the best value for your vehicle, you should visit websites like thecarbuyingservice.co.uk so that the valuation that you get is fair market value.  It’s imperative that you partner with a company that works from a mantra of honesty, integrity, and works diligently to get a fast payment to you with no hassles or worries.  When you sell your car you want to do so with confidence that you’ll have peace of mind and can get on with making the purchase of your next vehicle a reality.


No matter what vehicle you drive, you want to make sure that safety is your ultimate goal and that you are doing everything that you can to motor in a responsible manner.  Be observant, pay attention, and get a vehicle that can handle the conditions in which you drive the most.


Image courtesy of: FreeDigitalPhotos.net Dr Joseph Valks