Whether you’re in the market for a family-friendly people carrier or you’re simply interested in your own safety, your next car purchase should be a safe one.  Most car manufacturers claim that their cars are the safest, but who’s telling the truth?  To help you see through the marketing spin, we’ve compiled a short-list of our top 4 safe cars.

4 – Toyota Camry

Toyota are a car manufacturer who have won a number of accolades for the safety of their vehicles, and one of their most reliable, sturdy makes is the Camry.  Having been around for over 20 years, the Camry has been iterated on for a long time, and its safety is undeniable.  If you’re looking for a reliable car for your family or a safe business car, the Camry might be the right one for you. Although their price rides dangerously close to our £20,000 mark when you add on any extra features you might want, you can get a second-hand Toyota which will save you a significant amount.


3 – Honda Accord

The Honda Accord has won a large number of awards from review sites for its safety, and it has consistently high sales which it has maintained for around 20 years. Later models of the Accord have an all-new sheet metal board across the front which helps to make the vehicle look more ‘muscular’, and should also protect it against even heavy-duty vehicles like lorries and vans.  A safe bet.


2 – Dodge Charger

This is another car which rides dangerously close to our £20,000 limit.  The Dodge Charger is very similar to the Dodge Magnum – a car which is based on the Mercedes E-Class. In our opinion, it’s quite good.  In terms of safety, the car is designed to facilitate a number of sheet metal plates which dissipate any energy before it gets to you or your passengers, thus making it a safe car to ride in.  A luxurious car with a safe design.


1 – Mazda CX-7 Sport

This Mazda is the only SUV on our list, but it wins our hearts because not only does it have the safety features of a great SUV, it also drives like a dream (hence the sports title).  Its front side has been rated the highest possible rating, so it’s a vehicle worth owning if you’re concerned with safety, despite its slightly heavy 3710-pount curb weight.

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