Save money every time you fuel up your vehicle at a gas station. By having a gas credit card, you get to take advantage some of its unique benefits.

Since you simply have to swipe it and fill up your car tank, using it is very favorable. It is also a perfect way to keep track of your records regarding how much you spend on gas as well.

Gas credit cards allow you to have a credit line, which you can use to gas up or buy other products from a fuel station. However, they are not as flexible as the usual credit cards. Thus, these gives you exclusive advantages too.

Most fuel cards function on point basis. Each cardholder gets points when fueling up or purchasing other gas products. In exchange to that, you can switch your points to dollars. Either you receive cash, check, or a credit in a card statement.

Nowadays, there are a lot of gas credit card firms, and you have to check which ones are reputable and dependable. It is worth noting that you have to verify carefully the card company you are eyeing for before applying for a fuel card. Hence, the benefits of using gas credit card, like Motorpass are as follows:

Diesel Discounts

Some gas credit cards provide discounts on fuel, which you can save up to 10 cents per gallon. In case your car is driven by diesel, It will give you considerable savings when using it. You are able to get the best deals available, since you will be up to date on the latest offers the company provides. Additionally, you can even receive updates through SMS and keep track of your diesel discounts.

Merchant Incentive Program

Once you become a merchant, you are able to add value to your customer base and get rewarded for it. In order to be a merchant, just ask for a merchant application form and fill it out. You are going to get paid $50 for each account you refer. In addition, your payment is guaranteed and goes directly to your bank account.

Gas credit cards will absolutely save you when the need or an emergency arises. You are always in control when it comes to how you want to use your fuel fleet card. It is up to you to choose the kinds of purchases you prefer, such as vehicle product, fuel, and oil. Moreover, a gas credit card is very useful in case you do not have enough money with you to refuel your car and you are in a far off place, where no machines available to withdraw your cash.


Reward programs are a great way to engage people to let them purchase any products. By using your gas credit card, you will have the chance to get some rewards.

Enjoy the perks of having a gas credit card and grab the opportunity to receive rewards and bonus points once you gas up or refer an account.

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